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You have an estate. It is comprised of everything you own. At the law offices of Donald R. Johannes Attorney At Law we provide skilled guidance in estate planning to make sure that no matter how large or how small your estate, it is well taken care of and a plan is in place so that should the inevitable happen, your children and grandchildren will be well taken care of.

We assist clients with a wide range of estate planning and management matters, including preparation of a will, establishing property and health care powers of attorney, creating trusts, gifting issues, including charitable contributions and gifting to children, special needs trusts, guardianships, and elder law concerns. Our estate planning services also include re-titling assets, transferring real estate interests, business succession planning, and more.

Donald R. Johannes Attorney At Law in Highland, IL can provide fast and precise estate planning services should you need powers of attorney or wills in response to an impeding event. No matter what type of estate, we have the experience to help you prepare a Small Estate Affidavit, with family settlement agreements, with complex estates involving real property and diverse assets, to situations involving creditor claims and tax issues. Call us at 618-882-4568.