BridgePact International, Inc.

7760 France Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55435

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BridgePact is a privately held business development and integrated digital technology company. Founded in 2003 by Michael Nelson, our headquarters are in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company has licensed platforms in the US, Canada and Europe. BridgePact's mission is to help increase revenues and cut costs to businesses through integrated digital technology solutions. We provide scalable and affordable digital solutions through the BPX Digital 4000 Platform.

BridgePact's primary objective is to provide an integrated digital approach to help businesses increase their ROI and compete more effectively in today's ever changing digital tech world. BridgePact has developed a unique cloud-based digital technology platform to help emerging businesses access new technology, tools, support and fully integrated digital platform systems. Whether your business is local, regional, national or global, BridgePact delivers solutions to help you connect with your customers, grow your brand and increase profitability.

The BPX Digital 4000 Platform delivers solutions in four major business categories: Business Development, Cybersecurity Integration, Revenue Generation and Legacy Building. Services include:

1. Cybersecurity
2. Full Stack Web Development / WordPress Web Development
3. Web Performance
4. Digital Advertising
5. eCommerce
6. Video Production
7. Social Media Management
8. Reputation Management
9. eMarketing
10. Non-profits
11. Research & Development
12. CRM Development
13. LMS e-Learning Systems

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